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Don't you love free stuff? Me too. That is why the newsletter is free. However, I started Song Henge, the Celtic MP3s Members-Only section for people who want more.

"I've been a fan of your music since the days of I'm so glad you set up the whole Celtic mp3 website and the member section!"
— Jennifer Fuller, California

In this special section, I compiled all of the reviews, Celtic MP3 features, and information about free Celtic music downloads that you can possibly find. Plus, there are many exclusive free Celtic MP3s that you can download directly from this website from some of the best independent Celtic music groups online.

This is Members-Only section is the product of five years of publishing this magazine. If you are not currently a member, you are missing out one some of the best music online.


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What the Song Henge Celtic MP3s Members-Only Archive PROVIDES:

  • 100% Free Celtic Music & 100% Legal Celtic Music
  • Easy-access links to past Celtic MP3 features over 150 bands offering over 300 free Celtic MP3s,
  • Easy links to past Celtic podcasts,
  • Quick links to CD reviews,
  • The Top Websites with Free & Legal Celtic Music Downloads, and
  • Exclusive links to legal and free music downloads by independent Celtic artists.


What the Members-Only Archive DOES NOT provide:

  • Links to ANY illegal Celtic music. The magazine prides itself on being filled with great legal independent music. All free MP3s listed are given with the express permission of the artist.
  • A guarantee that past featured Celtic MP3s are still available. While there are easy links to past features, not all features still offer free music downloads. I update his section monthly with a list of MP3s still available.


Why should you become a Song Henge Celtic MP3s Member?

Because the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is a free magazine, it earns very little money from affiliates and is time-consuming to produce. Your contribution insures that the magazine will continue to offer free Celtic MP3s and will introduce you to the best Celtic music online.

In addition, you will have quick and easy access to the great Celtic music you love without having to scour the internet or even my website to find all the great music that you are looking for.

Because you appreciate great Celtic music, you subscription shows your support for this magazine and will keep it running for years to come.

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