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Looking for Celtic Music Internet Radio Stations? You've come to the right place. I'm building a comprehensive list of Celtic radio programs online.


Celtic Music Internet Radio Podcasts

Even better than current online radio are podcasts. Podcast are like downloadable radio programs. Imagine Fiona Ritchie's Thistle and Shamrock, but better. Why better? Well, you can listen ANY TIME you want to. Plus, you will find guaranteed show notes for each band so you can easily contact the bands and buy their CDs.

Podcasts are the wave of the future for traditional music. And there are many new podcasts now available to help you find great music. Plus, programs like iTunes are free, and they will download the show for you, so you don't have to do it by hand. To get started, check out these podcasts:

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
This is our very own podcast. I feature the hottest independent Celtic bands online, including a large number of traditional Irish music groups. Some are ones you can download through the magazine all are amazing.

Cleveland Celtic Podcast
Featuring the best Celtic Rock and Contemporary Celtic Folk Music, plus news and information for Celtic music groups performing in Cleveland.

Celtic Folk Podcast
The goal of Celtic Folk Podcast is to showcase the best of Celtic and traditional music from around the world, exposing this music to a new audience and encouraging the art of traditional music. Also included each week will be music that stretches the "Celtic" or introduces you to more "Folk" - hence the name!

Marc Gunn's Pub Songs Podcast
The Pub Songs Podcast is a personal podcast of Marc Gunn. It opens with a pub song from Ireland, Scotland and around the world that you may hear in pubs, plus, folk song lyrics and news. It also features poetry, rants, and raves and some of the favorite non-Celtic bands of Marc Gunn.

Celtic Roots Radio
Here is a wealth of music to suit your tastes: Celtic, folk, folk/rock, Appalachian, bluegrass, Scottish, Irish, Breton, Cajun, singer/songwriter. if its Celtic, roots or acoustic music you want, you'll find it here... on Celtic Roots Radio!

Celtic Music News Podcast
This is the first Celtic music podcast online. Aaron Drake is an amazing Podcast DJ. His podcast largely features Celtic rock, but if you hear something more traditional, you know they are hot!

Irish Fireside
You will get the inside scoop on Irish travel by listening to our podcasts where we feature premier tourist sites, off-the-beaten-path destinations and also add some Irish cooking and music to each episode.

Your Weekly Irish Stout
Drink up me hearties! Irish Pirate folk group Irish Stout presents a weekly podcast featuring Irish songs, seafaring music and pirate music from across the seven seas.

The Irish Emigrant
The free news service for the global Irish community A ten minute selection of this weeks news stories from Ireland.

A Brobdingnagian Minute
Celtic and folk music and entertainment from the Brobdingnagian Bards.

Renaissance Festival Podcast
Not the purely Irish or Celtic, however, being hosted by the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine's own Marc Gunn, it does feature a lot of Celtic music as well as folk music and comedy you might hear at Renaissance festivals.

Celt With a Twist
Podcast of contemporary Celtic Music.


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Past Featured Celtic Radio Stations

Looking for a specific style of music or band? Check out these links below.

For those who like to drink. This station is packed full of great drinking songs that will have you singing along in a drunken stupor.

Before U2, Before THE CORRS, Before ENYA
Before the Celtic superstars broke into the limelight, there were bands who pushed the limit of Celtic music.

Celtic Dance Tunes - RIVERDANCE LOOK OUT!
A nice mix of Celtic dance tunes from around the world. Reels and jigs are the name of the game.

While Valentine's Day may not be a Celtic holiday, it is a day of love. And who explefies love better than in Celtic love songs.

Happy Holidays!! Top 40 Greatest St Patrick's Day Drinking Songs
Once it was exclusively a religious holiday of the Irish, but now, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by Celtic people worldwide. And when you think of St Paddy's Day, you can't help but to think of beer. So grab a beer and listen to some of the favorite songs cherished on this beloved Celtic holiday.

This was oneof the most popular Christmas stations in 2000. It is packed fullof wonderful Christmas songs by some great Celtic & Renaissance artists.



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