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The Corries
Scottish Music Duo

by Catherine L. Tully

The Corries were a Scottish musical duo that consisted of Ronnie Brown and Roy Williamson. The group's roots began in 1962 when Ronnie Brown joined Williamson, Bill Smith and Paddie Bell in a group named The Corrie Folk Trio, replacing Ron Cockburn who had fallen ill. This group put out some albums, singles and were also involved with some television shows in their day.

By 1966, both Smith and Bell had left the group, and The Corries were officially born. Bonnet, Belt and Sword was their first joint album as a duo and they went on to do many more in the span of their career, which lasted over thirty years. Some other albums by the Corries include: Scottish Love Songs, Strings And Things, Sound The Pibroch, A Little Of What You Fancy, Scotland Will Flourish and The Bonnie Blue among many others. There are also a variety of compilation and live albums out there.

Roy Williamson died of cancer in 1990 at the age of 54. He was most noted for writing The Flower of Scotland. Many people refer to this song as the unofficial anthem for the country. This song was sung with much heart by 50,000 Scotsmen at a rugby match against England; a moment that was seen by millions of people on television. He also created an instrument called the Combolin, which was a combination of different stringed instruments. Browne, who wrote The Roses of Prince Charlie" still performs occasionally.

Website: The Corries
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The Corries Discography

The Very Best of the Corries (1999)

A mix of some of their best songs from a variety of recordings. This album is an exceptional look at one of the best Celtic folk groups in history.

In Concert (2000)

Two of The Corries great albums mixed together as one including a live performance that captures the great talent of The Corries for capturing the hearts of fans throughout the world.

Check out the The Corries Discography:


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