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Irish Rovers
Traditional Irish Songs, Ballads, and Pub Fun

The new millennium marks the 36th anniversary of the birth of the Irish Rovers. These incredible musicians have charmed and entertained people around the world, and continue to delight audiences with their exciting stage shows. The Irish Rovers have never lost their timeless ability to deliver a rollicking, rousing performance of good cheer, that will soon have you singing and clapping along.

The group began in 1963 in Canada when George Millar and Jim Ferguson, both new emigrants from N. Ireland, met in Toronto at an Irish function. They ended up singing together 'til dawn; and so the Irish Rovers were launched. They performed as a duo until George's cousin, Joe Millar, immigrated to Canada the following year. Joe, who played button-key accordion and harmonica, and also sang traditional ballads, was recruited as he stepped off the plane. After several months of engagements around Ontario, the trio made their way to Calgary, Alberta, where they joined forces with George's brother, Will Millar. The four Rovers then headed off to "Americay"...

At the famous folk club - "The Purple Onion" - in San Francisco, they ended up headlining for an unprecedented 22 sold-out weeks. The folk clubs of California became the learning grounds for the young Rovers, and (through old-fashioned hard work and a wee bit of Irish luck) they were offered a recording contract with Decca Records.

In 1966, "The First Of The Irish Rovers", a live album recorded at "The Icehouse" in Pasadena, was released. It generated enough excitement to warrant another album, and from this release came the million selling single "The Unicorn", the band's signature song to this day. Wilcil McDowell, an old friend from Ireland, joined the band at this time, enhancing their sound and rounding out the group.

In 1980-81, The Rovers once again soared to the top of the pop and country charts with "Wasn't That A Party". This real-life celebration was written by their friend, U.S. folk singer Tom Paxton, after he witnessed one of the band's famous post-show parties. It went on to become an international anthem of good cheer. The band recorded "Grandma Got Run-Over By A Reindeer" in 1982, which has become a seasonal hit.

The Irish Rovers continue to perform in theatres around the world, with original members George Millar, Joe Millar and Wilcil McDowell. Will Millar retired from the band in 1995; and sadly, Jimmy Ferguson passed away in 1997. Completing the Irish Rover line-up today is Kevin McKeown, who has been with the band since 1984, and John Reynolds and Wallace Hood, who both joined in 1995. Sean O'Driscoll, a multi-instrumentalist, accompanies the band on many of their tours, and plays on new Rover recordings.

The Irish Rovers are still passionate about performing and will continue to tour and entertain their legions of fans. Like the Unicorn, the Rovers are legendary and magical, and a good time is guaranteed for all.

Irish Rovers Discography

The Dubliners - Original DublinersBest of the Irish Rovers [Remastered] (1999)
For fans of the Irish Rovers, this is the definitive collection with all of their most-popular songs and unique style of Irish and other folk songs including, The Unicorn Song, Orange and Green, Lily the Pink, Black Velvet Band, Whiskey on Sunday and many more songs that will leave you singing along. These are the original recordings newly remastered for a better sound for greater enjoyment.

The Dubliners - Upon A Shamrock Shore: Songs of Ireland and the Irish (2002)
This album represents the more serious side of the Irish Rovers featuring historical politcal and more traditional songs their favorites album. Here great songs like Shores of Americay, King of the Faeries, Fiddler's Green, and Lament for the Molly Maguires.

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Website: Irish Rovers Homepage
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