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Enya Music of a Celtic New Age Musician

Enya's music set the standard for Celtic New Age music while bringing Celtic music to the forefront of public interest.

Okay, I've been on an Enya kick since her latest album, "Day Without Rain" was released. Now, she has two songs included on the upcoming soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings movie. So now, I present to you Enya.

I first heard of Enya with the release of her second solo album, "Watermark". "Orinoco Flow" is an amazing song, but only the beginning of her popularity, and also, misses out on a huge part of her history.

Enya, was born Eithne Ni Bharaonain in 1961 in Country Donegal, Ireland. She had nine brothers and sisters and all are exceptionally talented. As a matter of fact, they were performing as the band Clannad when Enya joined them in 1980, recording two albums with...her family, "Crann Ull" and "Fuaim".

In 1982, she left the group, and two years, later began composing music for films, including Midnight Express, Chariots Of Fire and Los Gritos Del Silencio. But her big solo break came when the BBC put together a TV documentary called "The Celts". Enya produced some material and it was so well-taken that they invited her to compose All the music, then they released it as an album entitled "Enya". She record climbed up the charts and got her signed to WEA which put out "Watermark".

Since then "Enya" was released as "The Celts", her next two albums, "Shepherd Moon" and "Memory of Trees" won her a Grammys for "Best New Age Album". At long last, she's released her latest album, "Day Without Rain" which features the hit single "Only Time".

Now, she also two songs on the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack, "May It Be" which you download in Liquid Audio format from and "Aniron (Theme For Aragorn And Arwen)" which is sung in Tolkien's Elven language.

Right now, Enya is dominating the charts with the #1 album and certainly the presence of "Lord of the Rings" on December 19th will no doubt only boost her popularity. Go check out her music now.

Enya Music Discography

Lord of the Rings SoundtrackLord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring [Soundtrack] (2001)
The soundtrack to "Fellowship of the Ring" was composed by Howard Shore, but the highlight of the album are two songs by Enya including the hit song "May It Be". This is a must have album for fans of Enya and JRR Tolkien.

Enya - Day without RainDay Without Rain (2001)
The follow-up to 1995's Grammy winning The Memory Of Trees. After a promotional tour in support of that album, Enya commenced composing the extra tracks for the 'Best Of' collection, Paint The Sky With Stars. However, in the past five years, the majority of her time has been spent working on the current release, A Day Without Rain. "As I do all the vocals and harmonies, and we do not sample, this obviously takes up a considerable amount of time," she explains. "Also, as everything you hear on the album is played by me, that too becomes a very long process. Therefore, we are inclined to take much longer in the studio than other people."

Best of Enya - Paint the Sky with StarsPaint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya (1997)
A compilation of Enya's best material since her first hit with The Celts back in the mid-80s.

Enya - The Memory of TreesThe Memory of Trees (1995)
Grammy-award winning album that establishes the fact that Enya is the Queen of the Celtic New Age musical movement. Her haunting voice, clear and crisp above richly woven musical arrangements and adaptations, represents some of the best in the genre

Enya - Christmas EPThe Christmas EP (1994)
For true Enya fans, the Christmas EP is an incredible delight featuring her signature sound combined with wonderful Christmas songs, including a Gaelic version of "Silent Night".

Enya - Shepherd MoonShepherd Moons (1991)
Follow up to the hit album Watermark. Features the modern rock top 40 hit, "Caribbean Blue".

Watermark - EnyaWatermark (1988)
The song that put Enya on the charts. Watermark features the popular song, "Orinoco Flow" as well as numerous other medieval, Celtic New Age favorites. This is still my favorite album.

Enya - The CeltsThe Celts (1987)
Enya's first big project was working on the soundtrack for BBC production called, The Celts. The success of the series put Enya on the charts and led to the release of this album.

Fuaim (1982)
Before Enya before she became a superstar we now know, she performed on one album with Clannad, the family band that revolutionalized Celtic music.

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