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Celtic MP3s Archive

Welcome to the Celtic MP3s Archive. If you want to be updated with the latest free Celtic MP3s, subscribe to the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Below you will find free music downloads from bands I've featured over the years. Some MP3s are time sensitive. So download them now. All of the latest MP3s are available for at least a month. As always, if you like an MP3, then please help the artist out and buy their CD.

"Tolkien (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)" by Brobdingnagian Bards

Scottish and Irish folk songs combined with the Lord of the Rings music and a wee bit o'Celtic fun. The Brobdingnagian Bards (pronounced brAHb'ding-näg-EE-en) are The Original Celtic Renaissance music duo from Austin, Texas. Their unique brand of folk music on the autoharp, recorder, and mandolin has made them one of the most-popular Celtic music groups online where they give away thousands of free Celtic MP3 downloads daily.

lord of the rings musicThe Brobdingnagian Bards perform coast-to-coast, and in a given month might be at a Lord of the Rings Oscar Party, a Celtic festival, or a Science Fiction Convention. However, they are an absolute favorite at Renaissance Faires where they add high-energy and wit to make every show a memorable experience.

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Similar Artists: Marc Gunn, Bard, Andy M. Stewart, Ed Miller, Black 47, The Dubliners, The Corries, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Presley, Altan, Clannad, Enya, Martin Carthy, Bryan Bowers, Roger McGuinn, The Clancy Brothers, Ewan MacColl, Kingston Trio, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Teh Chieftains, Baka Beyond, Fairport Convention, Dervish, Phil Coulter, The Fureys, Steeleye Span, Irish Rovers

Website: Brobdingnagian Bards
Download MP3: "Tolkien (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)"
Buy CD: Memories of Middle Earth

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Dante's Local" by Neil Anderson

If your only exposure to bagpipes has been watching the local 'pipe band march down main street for the Saint Patrick's Day parade you might easily make the assumption that you have witnessed the sum and total of bagpipe music. Fair enough... but if you come to one of THIS 'piper's concerts with such pre-conceived notions, prepare to have your point of view drastically rearranged!

Neil Anderson, known to his friends as "The Antipypr," has been on the road since 1995 transforming audiences with unique, energetic interpretations of traditional and original Celtic and world music.

Hometown: Irmo, South Carolina
Similar Artists: RATHKELTAÍR, Seven Nations, Celtic Soul, Black 47, Paddy Keenan, John Whelan, The Chieftains

Website: Neil Anderson
Download MP3: "Dante's Local"
Buy CD: Dante's Local

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Friday, May 20, 2005

"From Clare to Here" by Sligo Rags

SLIGO RAGS is a Celtic-oriented ensemble comprised of accomplished and versatile musicians based out of Long Beach, California. They are an upbeat, energetic amalgam of acoustic musicians and vocalists--coming from bluegrass,country, jazz as well as Celtic backgrounds--with an extensive repertoire of original, traditional, and cover tunes. While they specialize in Irish and Celtic music, their song list contains tunes ranging into the country, jazz and swing realms as well.

They pride themselves on strong musicianship, powerful vocal harmonies, and engaging stage demeanor. While their stage production consists of a guitar, fiddle, and electric bass, the album--The Night Before the Morning After--is graced with mandolins, banjos and accordions as well.

They were named the BEST FOLK BAND in Orange County at the 2004 and 2005 Orange County Music Awards.

Their name is a tribute to the Celtic anthem The Irish Rover, whose third verse begins "We had one million bags of the best Sligo Rags."

Hometown: Long Beach, CA, USA
Similiar: Twilight Lords, Chieftains, Fenians, Tim O'Brien, Ken O'Malley, Bill Monroe, Pogues, David Grisman

Website: Sligo Rags
Download MP3: "From Clare to Here"
Buy CD: "The Night Before the Morning After"

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Friday, May 20, 2005

"The Golden Thread" by Mark Renburke (& Brogue & Blarney)

Mark Renburke is a New England based recording artist and performer blending roots and Celtic influences with more modern rock and pop elements. Originally from the Washington DC area, Mark performed in various roots and rock groups before moving to Japan in 1993.

He then spent several years as co-leader of the Celtic-infused group The Rising Pints, along with Irish singer/songwriter Brian Cullen. In the past half dozen years in New England, Mark has been developing his unique repitoire and fan base, and working on a new solo album. In addition to his live solo band, Mark performs traditional songs and tunes with the Irish/Celtic pub band, Brogue & Blarney.

Mark RenBurkeHometown: Providence, RI
Similar Artists: The Cheiftains, The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys

Website: Mark Renburke
Download MP3: "The Golden Thread"
Buy CD: Mark Renburke

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Monday, May 09, 2005

"Bog Songs" by The Blaggards

BLAGGARDS were formed in July 2004 by Dublin-raised Patrick Devlin (guitar and lead vocals), Minnesotan Turi Hoiseth (violin and screaming), New Yorker Chad Smalley (bass and lead vocals) and Bostonian Brian Vogel (drums and backing vocals).

They carry with the legacy of On The Dole, an earlier Houston band founded by Patrick. Like On The Dole, BLAGGARDS are known for knocking around the traditional with fists full of heavy metal and rockabilly. And they have a laugh or two while they're at it.

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Similar Artists: The Pogues, Patrick Devlin Band, Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, The Devlins, Shane MacGowan, Ballybracker, Black 47, Flogging Molly

Website: Blaggards
Download MP3: "Bog Songs"
Buy CD: Standards

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Monday, May 09, 2005

"Wild Kitty" by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats

The Dubliners' Tabby Cats forage their way out of the gutters of Ireland to create a musical menagerie that combines Irish drinking songs and the folk music stylings of groups like The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers, the Irish Rovers, and "Weird" Al Yankovic to create a sound unlike any Celtic music group you've heard today. The songs will make you laugh and cry with delight or distension as this feline group reinvents traditional Irish folk music.

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Similar Artists: Brobdingnagian Bards, The Dubliners, The Corries, The Clancy Brothers, The Fureys, Steeleye Span, Irish Rovers, Weird Al Yankovic

Website: Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats
Download MP3: "Wild Kitty"
Buy CD: Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Friday, May 06, 2005

"Lanigan's Ball" by Enter the Haggis

Enter the Haggis is best described as Celtic Fusion. Though their roots are firmly placed in the Celtic tradition, within their music are influences of rock, bluegrass, funk and Latin. ETH has developed into an International act with heavy touring not only across North America but also Europe - including Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Italy. After much success with their most recent album, "Casualties of Retail", Enter the Haggis is gearing up for a follow up recording to begin sometime in the fall of 2005.

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Similar Artists: Ashley MacIsaac, The Elders, Martyn Bennett

Influences: Latin Music (including Cuban and Brazilian), Riff rock acts (Rage Against t he Machine for example), Newgrass (Bela Fleck, Nicklecreek, etc), Alt. Rock (Radiohead, Muse, The Killers, Smashing Pumpkins, etc)

Website: Enter the Haggis
Download MP3: "Lanigan's Ball"
Buy CD: Enter the Haggis Live!

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Claveness" by MacTalla Mo'r

MacTalla Mo'r, an exciting Celtic Band featuring Bagpipes, Piano, Vocals and Bodhran, is taking America by storm!

They've played for HBO TV, at Steinway and Carnegie Hall in NYC, along side greats like Chick Corea and the Tito Puente Big Band, at Command Performances for The Average White Band, Rolling Stone's Kieth Richards and Jose Felician and to rave reviews at major Celtic Festivals. Called "the best Celtic Fusion Band I've heard" by Irish critic Joe O'Shea, Mac-talla Mo'r is quickly becoming one of the most talked about and sought after Celtic Bands on the scene.

Hometown: New York City and New Fairfield USA
Similar Artists: Tannahill Weavers, Eileen Ivers, Gaelic Storm, Pogues, Capercaillie, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Mark Saul, Rare Air, Bob Dylan

Website: MacTalla Mo'r
Download MP3: "Claveness"
Buy CD:
MacTalla Live From The Valley

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Castle of Arianrhod" by Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose is ever a favorite of mine. They play Celtic American Folk Rock, plus a bit more. Out of Atlanta, Georgia, they have deep Celtic roots and a love for the "roots music" -- but they take a somewhat rock-and-pop-influenced angle to it.

They play mostly originals with vocals, guitar, pennywhistle, Uilleann pipes, bass, and world percussion. Many of our themes draw from Celtic myth and legend. They're a favorite amon at sci-fi/fantasy cons like Dragon*Con (where they were just confirmed for this year) as well as events like the upcoming "Return of the King" Oscars party in Hollywood (sponsored by

"Castle of Arianrhod" was a favorite on the late It is a journey through Welsh mythology. Arianrhod is queen of illumination.

Bending Tradition by Emerald RoseHometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Similar Artists: Jethro Tull, The Bothy Band, Tannahill Weavers, The Chieftains, Silly Wizard, Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin

Website: Emerald Rose
Download MP3: "Castle of Arianrhod"
Buy CD: Bending Tradition

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Seventy-Four" by Quagmyre

Quagmyre combines traditional Celtic fiddle music with funk- and rock-infused themes to create a whole new style of folk music. They also feature one of the most unique vocal sounds, presenting totally original lyrics with smooth harmonies. Combine this with three world champion stepdancers and you have a band that you do not want to miss!

Look for their new CD coming in June!

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Similar Artists:
Ashley MacIsaac, Slainte Mhaith, Seven Nations, The Chieftains, The Wonderstuffs

Website: Quagmyre
Download MP3: "Seventy-Four"
Buy CD:
Mouth Full of Potatoes

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Jig Set (Haste to the Wedding/Kesh Jig/Morrison's Jig)" by Minstrosity

Minstrosity is a trio of talented troubadours that can be found performing at Renaissance Festivals, weddings, house concerts, and other events across the Midwest. The close-knit harmonies and multi-instrumental prowess of Josephine Thane, Wendy Zdrodowski, and John Wiseman combine to create a full sound that would be expected of a larger group. They perform a variety of traditional Celtic and folk music, along with original works, including "The Future Isn't What It Used To Be", which was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2003 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Similar Artists: Chad Mitchell Trio, Kingston Trio, Battlefield Band, the Moody Blues, Molly & the Tinker

Website: Minstrosity
Download MP3: "Jig Set (Haste to the Wedding/Kesh Jig/Morrison's Jig)"
Buy CD: Why Am I Not Surprised?

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Subscribe for Celtic Free Music Downloads, Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Moving Cloud Fair-Haired Mary" by Cady Finlayson

Cady Finlayson plays spirited celtic fiddle with American folk and world percussion influences. The sizzling fiddle, powerful vocals and a driving rhythm section give the Cady Finlayson Band its' unique approach to Irish music. They're based in New York City, and their music includes lively jigs and reels, traditional ballads, and world music influences.

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Similar Artists: Brian Conway, Andy McGann, Youssou N'Dour, Eileen Ivers, Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac

Website: Cady Finlayson
Download MP3: "Moving Cloud Fair-Haired Mary"
Buy CD: Harp and Shamrock

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